Congratulations Kyla!
Wednesday Apr 19 2017
We, the family and friends of the highly intelligent, beautiful & talented Kyla Rewuski (O'Donoghue) would like to congratulate our favourite human on her latest accomplishment. Your discipline and focus as a full time student, amazing wife and star employee has finally come to fruition: Bachelor of Arts(Psychology). This was not a simple nor an easy task, but as with everything you do, it was done with care, precision and immense pride.

Your determination to not only complete your degree but to crush it, is extremely admirable.

You're an inspiration to us all and we love you very much. The next chapter and subsequent goals will obviously be met with the same "Code of Kyla" and we all wish you continued success. The world is yours! Savour & embrace it all.

Congratulations Kyla, we love you very much!!!

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