Food Spring Cleaning

Mar 28, 2006 / 10:01 am

Spring is just around the corner so why not clean up the kitchen of all the stuff you have accumulated since you’ve been married! Yes, I’m talking about the spice kit from Costco that you bought 5 years ago and you still have not used at all, or the baking powder you bought to bake little Timm

Valentine’s Day

Jan 23, 2006 / 10:36 am

The season of love is upon us again… The special day for lovers is a poignant one according to history, mourning a romantic hero who died, and so it seems to deserve special treatment. This year, try not to get caught up in the commercial side of things, but put your own special touch on any gift

2006 Resolutions

Jan 14, 2006 / 5:30 am

Firm Resolve He says: The New Year is here and people are starting to talk about “RESOLUTIONS”. As a chef, it is extremely hard to say, “This year I will try to lose weight”. Let’s face it, I like my butter, cream, sugar, bread, pasta, meats, and a few beers now and then! I hear people

Going Both Ways

Jan 7, 2006 / 5:30 am

He says: To start the New Year on the right foot, I made a soup with grand-pères in it (see below for recipe). Grand-pères are a Quebecois dumpling that you can add to any stew or soup. My mom used to put these simply made dumplings in all leftover soups she made during the winter. Often after th

Sugar Pie For The Holidays

Dec 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

He says: After lots of shopping around for the last few months, I finally bought an electric deep fryer (the DeLonghi 4 litre model). I have had a recipe in mind and now is the time to make it! This week I am baking a batch of memories from Quebec - donuts. As long as I can remember, my whole fami

A Pair Of Gourmands

Dec 17, 2005 / 5:30 am

Christmas Traditions! He says: Christmas is just around the corner and if you want to boycott turkey this year, it’s fine with me as long as it’s done right. Don’t go replacing the traditional turkey meal with some obscure dish that no one will recognize. My suggestion to you a nice veal ten

A Pair Of Gourmands

Dec 10, 2005 / 5:30 am

Local shops for Christmas She says: I got an e-mail to stop by and have some mulled cider and lavender shortbread for their Christmas Fair, and how could I turn that down? So, we stopped at the Lavender Pear recently (2983A Pandosy Street), after I had seen a notice that they had an Open House for

A Pair Of Gourmands

Dec 3, 2005 / 5:30 am

A Winter Wonderland! He Says: Being from Quebec, snow is part of our lives whether we like it or not. My dad used to tell me this story from 1971: “18.5 inch of snow within a few hours, blizzards, and a power outage for 2 to 7 days. It was one of the biggest snowstorms to ever hit Montreal…”

A Pair Of Gourmands

Nov 26, 2005 / 5:30 am

Give thanks for the simple things She says: This weekend the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, and even though I am eighth generation on my Mom’s side of the family I still think about being thankful this weekend. Perhaps because we don’t have the lavish dinner however, the foodie thoughts tha

A Pair Of Gourmands

Nov 19, 2005 / 5:30 am

A Pair Of Gourmands

Nov 14, 2005 / 9:22 am

It’s official. She says: There is no more avoiding it, folks... The frost is on the ground and the snow covers the mountains. The sky is dark when you get up and when you leave the office, and you had better have your slippers on in the morning, because the bathroom floor is cold! If you are sti

A Pair Of Gourmands

Oct 29, 2005 / 5:30 am

He says: I have heard too many stories this fall about Orchard farmers in the Okanagan having no labour to help pick apples off the trees. Can you believe this? I see young adults begging for money almost every time I go downtown. What’s happening to this world? People would rather be outside deg

A Pair Of Gourmands

Oct 22, 2005 / 5:30 am

Comfort Food He says: The other day Kristin and I were looking for a place to eat a quick bite, but nothing pretentious, just home-cooked food. We had seen the Cherry Pit Restaurant while driving in Westbank, but had never been inside. We walked in the restaurant around 11:15am and the place was

A Pair Of Gourmands

Oct 15, 2005 / 5:30 am

Poultry? He Says: If you ever needed to read between the lines, now would be a good time to start. When you watch the world news, this Avian Flu H5N1 strain is on the news everyday now… If this virus turns into a human epidemic, the food chain will be seriously affected relatively quickly. I wi

A Pair Of Gourmands

Oct 9, 2005 / 5:30 am

Thanksgiving, let’s smoke some turkey! He says: First of all, before starting, I want to give my many thanks to the turkey for eating so much good grain and grass. I am about to smoke you for 6 hours and hopefully you will taste good, but either way, it’s not like I can kill you if you don’t

A Pair Of Gourmands

Oct 1, 2005 / 5:30 am

Warning to all moose, fall is here… He says: Fall is definitely here - the chilly nights, the smells, the kids are back to school and the hunters are cleaning their rifles and buying licenses. I did not grow up in the Okanagan, so fall here is not what I remember from my childhood. When fall a

A Pair Of Gourmands

Sep 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

Stinky, but good! Commercial Street in Vancouver. He says: I just came back from a quick trip to Vancouver to promote my new book. I had not been shopping on Commercial Street in 5 years. I drove around a few blocks before finding a parking spot. The smell of grungy streets and urine mixed with c

A Pair Of Gourmands

Sep 17, 2005 / 5:30 am

Back to school! She says: When I was a kid, I was a geek. Actually, I am still a geek, but that is easier to deal with once you get past 30. As a young girl, I always dreaded the social part of school because that was the part you couldn’t study for. I was shy, and I never seemed to be in sync w

A Pair Of Gourmands

Sep 10, 2005 / 5:30 am

Waiting for gumbo’s return! He says: Well, it looks like New Orleans will be pretty messed up for a long time. Watching TV, and seeing water everywhere, seeing and hearing about all the contaminated water being pumped out into the lake, I cannot imagine what it will do to the aquatic food chain.

A Pair Of Gourmands

Sep 3, 2005 / 5:30 am

Go see your local specialty store He says: This week I want to take a minute to tell you about Valoroso Foods, 1467 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna. I shop at Valoroso every week, and so far I have yet to be disappointed with the products or the service. Every time I go visit the wonderful ladies behind