Westside Toastmasters Weekly Meeting

Wednesday, November 22, 2017     6:00 PM

Lakeview Heights Community Centre, 860 Anders Road, West Kelowna Locate on the map

Westside Toastmasters offer a friendly and supportive environment in which to learn and develop these skills.

We come from all backgrounds and public speaking abilities. Radio broadcasters, Politicians, Managers, Moms and Dads, Young and Old, Some very tall and very short too.

We always have a lot of fun and are very supportive.

We start the evening on time. We have a few procedural jobs to take care of; There is the opening though. Then the Timer, "Ah" counter, and Grammarian introduce themselves and their jobs. There is a toast. There is a mystery member.

Of course, we have the "art of Humour" - it has to be clean too! Much more difficult than it sounds.

Then the main speeches - these are from Toastmasters who are ready to complete some of the predefined goals.

Then - there is the coffee and cookies!! - Where we all talk about how scared we were when we first tried public speaking. Some people talk about the nuances of alliteration during a speech.

The next part of the meeting is the "Table Topics" This is a lot of fun to listen to but not so much fun to do - Impromptu speaking - must be at least 1 minute long but not longer than 3! - Don't worry we don't ask guests to do this (unless you want to!)

Then there are the evaluators - that's everyone - even guests. Toastmasters focus 50% of their resources on listening. How many "ums" and "ahs". How long was your speech? Was your grammar correct? Your posture. Were you clicking your pen again? We listen for all the good things too and we make sure you know all the wonderful things you did too!

Then we hand out the awards for the night. We have a closing thought.

On you first night don't worry - We start off slow - Just say your name! - really that's all you need to do. (in fact, you don't to have to that!)

We meet every Wednesday at the Lakeview Heights Community Centre - 860 Anders Rd. West Kelowna.

Why not visit our club, meet the members, and see for yourself what the Toastmasters program offers you? Guests are welcome with no obligation. Join the thousands in people already enjoying the benefits of the Toastmasters program and become the speaker and leader you want to be!


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