Slay The Dragon

Saturday, June 27, 2020     7:00 AM

Silver Star Mountain Resort, 123 Shortt Street, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon Locate on the map

Welcome to Slay the Dragon with 3 distances to choose from: 13km, 25km, 50km

This Trail Running Race is located at beautiful Silver Star Mountain Resort, a short drive up the mountain from the gorgeous lakes of Vernon, BC.

In this trail running event we will take you through technical and cruisey single track, crazy fun climbs with long thigh shredding descents. This course is designed for trail runners, by trail runners, so you can expect priority to be placed on a challenging, crazy fun, well flagged, fantastically aided course with the mightiest of volunteers!

Trail Running Race: 13km, 25km, & 50km

All 3 distances will start with a nice flat warm up to get you across the mountain to get into the trails. From the end of cross mountain trail the 50k’s will split off of their own while the 13&25K’s will continue up the beautiful singletrack climb on Silver Shack. This will bring you up to Paradise trail which will have you cruising along some double track and taking in the views of the village when you come around the front of the mountain finishing the climb to the top. At the top, you can load up at the aid station before you start your decent back down Village View trail. As you near the elevation of the village the 13K will split off on the final sprint to the finish line and the 25K’s will continue towards the Knoll trails.

The knoll trails will see the final efforts extracted of both the 25 & 50K runners as they weave their way around the network of trails from BX creek to Wine Bottle (BYOB) amongst many other great pieces of singletrack trail! This will bring you right back to the village and the finish line where your cheering squads will be waiting.

The 50K runners split off on their own adventure early on and get a big descent right away as they head down the epic trail Beowulf and into the dark forest in Putnam Creek. As you find yourself on the bridge crossing Putnam creek this will only mean one thing... let the climb begin! Once you get to the top of Alder Point, you’ll be welcomed at an aid station to re-fuel for the traverse and gradual remaining climb to the top of Silver Star Mountain. From this final high point, it’s a few Km of descending until your into the final loop of the knoll trails and into the finish line for your well deserved high-five!


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