“In the Shadow of the Vulture” by George Ryga

Sunday, August 14, 2022     3:30 PM

TBC, TBC, Summerland

Join us for selected readings from George Ryga’s final novel, “In the Shadow of the Vulture”, with special guest readers and a compelling conversation on the book and its themes.

Originally published in 1986, George Ryga’s novel, set in the desert on either side of the Mexico-U.S. border, continues to raise important questions about legal and spiritual aliens. Inspired by an actual event: the abandonment to starvation and death of a “shipment” of Mexican immigrant workers. The sinister shadow of the vulture falls over every character in Ryga’s story, including a human trafficker, defrocked priest, ‘puta’ and neo-nazi chicken-farmer. In a society as barren and relentless as the desert itself, all of them struggle for survival. Some of them make it.


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Aug 14