Core Connexion Dance

Friday, May 12, 2017     7:00 PM

Irish Dance Studio, 1920 Kent Rd, Kelowna Locate on the map

Core ConneXion Transformational Arts® At the Core of Every Body is the Dance
A Core Connexion session starts by connecting with body, breath and sensation. Through the choice of theme and music, each session is carefully sequenced for playful individual and group connection, exploration and aliveness. You only need your own self, willingness to move, and the desire to be open to the dance of life. This practice is an opportunity to move free of judgment and performance.
This practice is for every BODY – no matter what size, age or fitness. In the dance we can reconnect with the aliveness and creative potential that lies at the core of all of us. Each week we will explore a theme. Join our dance meditation for fun, aliveness & connection.


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