Child Health Research at UBC Okanagan

Monday, August 14, 2017     8:30 AM

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The Pediatric Exercise Research Lab at the UBC Okanagan Campus is looking for children between the ages of 6 and 15 to participate in a research study during the month of August. The overall goals of this study are (i) to see what happens to the child’s brain when they exercise and (ii) to compare this response to Sherpa children who live at high altitude in Nepal.

What does the child do?


You will visit PERL at the UBC Okanagan campus dressed in active wear (i.e. shorts and a t-shirt). First, you will lie down on a bed and the research team will take measurements of the air you are breathing and the blood flow to the brain. Then you will cycle on a stationary bike, and measurements will be taken of the air you are breathing and the blood flow to your brain while you exercise. While cycling on the stationary bike it will be easy at first but at the end feels like you are cycling up a big hill.

What are the costs and benefits of joining this study?

With completion of the maximal exercise test, the research team can inform you of your fitness level. Alongside this unique experience of being involved in a research study, we refund travel and parking costs up to $20 per visit to your parents/guardian after each visit.

What you need to do if you are interested?

If your child is interested please call us on 250 807 9873 for more information.

We have the capacity to have multiple children participating together! Friends or siblings are encouraged to come in together for added fun! Each child will be booked in half hour time slots.

Our days for testing in August are:

Monday – Friday, August 13 – 26
Times available at your convenience. Call for more information. 250 807 9873

Other Dates:

  • Tuesday, August 15 08:30 AM
  • Wednesday, August 16 08:30 AM
  • Thursday, August 17 08:30 AM
  • Friday, August 18 08:30 AM
  • Monday, August 21 08:30 AM
  • Tuesday, August 22 08:30 AM
  • Wednesday, August 23 08:30 AM
  • Thursday, August 24 08:30 AM
  • Friday, August 25 08:30 AM

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