Thursday, October 29, 2020     11:00 AM

Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, 421 Cawston Ave., Unit 103, Kelowna Locate on the map

In the exhibition Backstitch, Nicole Young explores themes of community and the gift economy. Backstitch is a large scale art piece resembling a quilt, created from sewing together hand-dyed textiles. All of the textiles in the work will be a mix of materials that were donated to the artist by a community member, or that have been dyed and stained using plant matter gifted to her.

Young takes this project as an opportunity to engage with the community through art making, and to create a singular art piece at a much larger scale than she has ever worked before. It will also pose a challenge for her as to how to approach her work, given that there will be contributions from community members. While fabric has always played an integral role in her work, she has never used it in a way that relies so heavily on the generosity of others. Young is interested to see how the pieces of fabric will fit together and relate to one another. Her broader goal with this project is to continue exhibiting this installation piece at other galleries, adding more fabric to it at each gallery that she brings it to.

Nicole Young's exhibition Backstitch will be on view in the Window Space from September 18 -October 31.


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