I Just Don't ███████ Know by Patty Leinemann

Wednesday, April 21, 2021     11:00 AM

Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, 421 Cawston Ave., Unit 103, Kelowna Locate on the map

In 'I Just Don't ███████ Know', Kelowna Based artist Patty Leinemann reflects on the questions and uncertainty that contribute to her practice. Opening March 26 in the Window Gallery of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Leinemann explores these unknowns through visual art and performance.

When she creates artwork, Leinemann aims to bring a muddled mental idea into a physical form. Each step of her artistic process confronts this notion: beginning with the material used, through to the final composition. The stress and anxiety that inevitably comes with not knowing is in itself integral to the production of Leinemann’s completed works.

In the past year, the uncertainty in Leinemann's life intensified as the pandemic took hold, its effects being felt by many. For Leinemann, it has been a turbulent experience as she deals with a parent in long-term care.

Leinemann also incorporates a performance element to this work by being onsite daily from noon to 1 pm for the duration of the exhibition. Each day, she will interact and manipulate a series of objects while focusing on the study of epistemology.

'I Just Don't ███████ Know' opens in Window Gallery of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art on March 26 and will run until May 8, 2021.

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is open Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm, and Saturday 11am - 4pm.


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