Wednesday, January 15, 2020     7:30 PM

The WorkRoom, 100-2600 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC, Kelowna Locate on the map

Presented at The WorkRoom Theater
Winston Smith, living under the totalitarian rule of the Party, has the idea of writing a diary. It is a crime punishable by death and there is no way of knowing if he is being watched. He imagines two futures—in one, a future readership in a free society think of him as a hero; in the other he is caught and forgotten.

Readers on either side of the so-called Resistance are glomming onto the message of the dystopian classic, as fake news proliferates, allegations of improper surveillance swirl and authoritarian governments crack down on citizens' rights around the globe.


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  • Wednesday, January 22 07:30 PM

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