Central Okanagan  

Slow weekend for forest fires

The weekend isn't quite over yet, but so far, fire incidents are low around the Okanagan and BC's Interior, says Fire Information Officer, Michaela Swan.

"The numbers are pretty low given the number of people expected in the back country this weekend," said Swan.

Victoria Day long weekend is the first big camping weekend in BC and also coincides with many high school graduation parties. 

Kamloops Fire Centre reported only one new fire between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, which ignited in the Wallachin area just west of Kamloops. An update on that fire is expected on Monday or Tuesday.  

In the South Okanagan, there were two reports of individuals burning in contravention of the current fire prohibition. Fire and conservation authorities also discovered three abandoned campfires.

Swan reminds the public to please make sure fires are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before packing up and leaving a campsite.

Although this May long weekend has been relatively incident-free, Swan warns that the last day of a long weekend can tip the scales.

"Traditionally, we see the numbers climb on Monday as campers pack up and head home. The likelihood increases for abandoned campfires," said Swan.

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