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A few letters were sent to Castanet supporting Dayleen Van Ryswyk, after her resignation this morning.

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Re: Strip them of the Status Card

Postby Dayleen » Feb 11th, 2009, 9:33 pm
It's not the status cards, it's the fact that we have been paying out of the nose for generations for something that isn't our doing. If their ancestors sold out too cheap it's not my fault and i shouldn't have to be paying for any mistake or whatever you want to call it from MY hard earned money. My husbands parents lived during the war in Holland, when the Germans came and told them to get out..they lost everything...are they getting a paycheck every month or a huge lump sum every year tax free...no..they got nothing but work in a concentration camp. It's time our generation stopped paying for the mistakes of the past...let us all be one people...THE SAME..race, creed colour or gender shouldn't matter anymore in this day and age...enough is enough already.

Told ya...don't get me started ..LOL

Re: Strip them of the Status Card

Postby Dayleen » Feb 12th, 2009, 11:13 am
I don't think anyone is saying that wrongs didn't happen (incredible wrongs) you could have almost any race, group or ethnic people tell you horrible haunting stories of what happened to them. If someone did me wrong, it's my right to sue...as it is everyone else's. In my opinion, holding an entire group of people liable for something that happened hundreds of years ago, people who weren't even alive yet for the wrongs of their ancestors is ridiculous. Again, how many Jewish, Polish, Russian, Dutch etc walked into a gas chamber, we're gunned down, raped, tortured and starved to death....tell me...how many Germans do you know that are handing over a potion of their paycheck EVERY month for what happened NOT very long ago (in all our parents life time)...none...that's how many are paying for those wrongs. I'm not given a free ride, i work very hard for everything i have and 40% of it goes to taxes. This native handout isn't from the government...it's from the over worked calloused hand of every single TAX paying person in this country. The government is nothing more than a big black hole that feeds off the working man, sucking his last penny from his hand so they can give it away freely or lose it stupidly on things like fast ferries and about a zillion other stupid things. I'm not so ignorant as to think there will ever be total equality...there never will, as long as there are people or groups of people that think they are better than others or deserve more than others. I hope that in the not so distant future the hatreds of the past can diminish and we can truly move on as a people that are all here together trying to make the best of what we have and not standing with our hand out screaming "you owe me". In my opinion. we have paid our debt...a thousand fold..it's time to move on, heal and grow. If the native people are to be the proud nation they keep talking about, then stand on your own two feet and hold your heads high. There are a lot of things to be proud of, stop dwelling on the past. Because like the economy...the gravy train bubble will eventually burst too.

Re: Opening Ceremony is a waste of time

Postby Dayleen » Feb 12th, 2010, 8:23 pm
Yup...we all drive dog sleads..live in igloos and all are native...OH..and we're all FRENCH TOO!!
I'm getting so sick of having french stuffed down my throat..this isn't Quebec,,it's western Canada...we speak english here...so does the majority of Canada. I'm offended that the french is spoken first. When Montreal had their games they could do what they want over there but why are we forced to have it as the predominent language at our western Canadian hosted Olympics? Why can't we celebrate Canada's diverse cultures..everyone..not just natives!

Re: "More French in the ceremonies"

Postby Dayleen » Feb 16th, 2010, 9:54 pm
Thank God I'm not the only one that was shocked at the french first at the ceremonies. what the hay??? This is BC..we speak english here..this isn't Quebec!! Now i read they are upset not enough french was spoken...are you freaking kidding me??!!!!

Speak french, don't speak french..i couldn't care less but when you force it down my throat every time i turn around, it pisses me right off! French first at the Olympics held in WESTERN Canada...and then bitch it wasn't enough...i guess it shouldn't have had any english at all.

I travel quite a lot and when i say we are from Canada I'm always asked if we are french Canadian or western. I always say...hell no..we aren't french Canadian. Seems the only group of people universally hated around the world other than the Americans are the french and FRENCH CANADIANS...Interesting. Their arrogance is astounding and this latest complaint proves it...oh yes, but no english signs allowed over there...the bigots are the french not us...get over yourselves already!!

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