Clinic helps to heal dog bite scar

Zach Willams fixes the strange, small white glasses on his head as he prepares for a minor laser procedure.

The grade five student wouldn't normally be inside Advantage Body Clinic on a Monday afternoon He isn't concerned with cellulite or stretch marks but there is something he would like off of his body.

In August 2011, Zach was playing at a friend's house when he went to pet their family dog and the Pit Bull attacked him, biting his face.

The young boy received 40 stitches and a life time reminder of the incident as a circle-like scar remains on his skin.

His mother, Tamie Williams cringes when she thinks back on the incident.

"To know your child's neck and face were in the mouth of an animal that could have killed him, that is tough, and that is what the scar is a reminder of," she says.

The scar also reminds the Williams' family of the pain of having to deal with online bullying due to the bite.

"You know there were people who said what happened to him was nothing more than a nip and that scar on his face is a constant reminder of the lack of compassion and empathy some people have," explains Williams.

Kathryn Johnson saw the story in the media after incident and says as a mother it was extremely hard to look at the photographs of Zach's  bloody stitched up face.

"I wasn't sure how to help at the time until I brought the new equipment into the clinic and then I knew it was a piece of equipment where I could go find out how he was and probably help to make some healthy changes," says Johnson the owner of Advantage Body Clinic.

She adds that her company constantly meets people who want scars removed due to painful memories.

"Whether it's a car accident or a dog bite there are many things that happen to people and they want it erased. They don't want that reminder everyday."

The clinic has taken on the cost of the procedure which could total approximately $1,000 and take six treatments to notice a difference.

"I am going to be really conservative on this, I am hoping to get a 50 to 70 per cent reduction in the scar," explains Johnson. "If we need to do addition treatments to get a better reduction we are willing to do it."

Zach has braved the laser twice so far and says, "It stings a little bit on the second and third pass (use of the laser) but it's the first pass that you barley feel anything at all."

By helping to remove Zach's scar, the clinic is also helping to heal the family's emotional pain.

"So much of this is the psychological impact, you know even if it (the scar) is even half of what it is now, it just shows us how deeply they truly feel about helping others," says Tamie.

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