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Lohan poses with a gun in her mouth



Just one look at these awkward photos (one of which is posted right) from a Lindsay Lohan photo shoot for Terry Richardson, and you’re left with one serious case of the WTFs.

Who came up with this idea? And better yet, why?

Terry Richardson, who I hadn’t heard of before he posted that awesome video of Kate Upton jiggling, oh that jiggling doing the Dougie, apparently posted the Lohan photos to his Tumblr "Terry's Diary" yesterday.

Then, when it finally dawned on him that these photos are probably not in the greatest of taste, he took them down. But oh yeah, this is the Internet, where as soon as something is put up, it’s there for the taking - just do a Google search for Lindsay Lohan gun and all the photos are there.

Then again, leaving the photos up just long enough for people to take notice and create controversy was probably the plan all along.

The photos that remain up on his site feature Lohan in a sheer bra, which I guess for Lohan is about as non-controversial as you can get, especially stacked (pardon the pun) against the pulled photos showing a revolver between her lips. 

I really don’t know what more I can say about the gun photos. Is this Lindsay trying to make a statement?

Ya know what? After writing about Lohan for far too many times than I wish to count, I think I’ve done enough sympathizing with her seemingly sad life.

Yes, she was a victim of some pretty awful parenting; yes, the legal system has screwed her over; yes, everyone around her seems to be enabling her. But there are far too many people who have it way worse than this chick, and they are way more deserving of my (and others’) sympathy.





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