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Weed burning leads to torched trailer

Residents of Holiday Park Resort in Lake Country got a scare Friday afternoon after a man using a "tiger torch" to clear out some weeds caused a fire which quickly spread.

The flames from the torch spread into some cedar hedges, which caught fire and then spread to a nearby trailer. From there, the flames spread to two other units.

The Lake Country Fire Department were called just after 1:30, when witnesses reported seeing flames shooting into the sky.

"Upon our arrival we had one unit on fire, the hedges and a couple of exposures," says Lake Country Assistant Fire Chief, Aaron Weller.

Before they arrived, several residents with garden hoses worked to put out the fires.

"They did a great job knocking flames down to cause no further extension to the units when we arrived," says Weller.

"We are having them checked out for smoke inhalation because it's fiberglass that was burning. It's just a precaution."

He says the Good Samaritans were also advised to get a full check up from their family doctor.

Weller has some advice for people who insist on using tiger torches as a gardening tool.

"Using tiger torches at all to clear weeds is not the correct method to do so. Even though they (shrubs) were green, people don't realize it's like a matchbox inside with all the dry needles and stuff."

"We've heard stories in other communities with people using tiger torches. Same lesson to be learned and I guess people haven't really got the message.

No one was home in the unit that suffered the most damage.



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