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Reaction has been pouring in to Castanet since we posted the picture of a yellow Hummer taking up multiple handicapped parking spots in Costco's parking lot on Wednesday morning.

The owner of that vehicle wrote us to tell his side of the story:

Some people will do anything to misrepresent the facts and try to make some news.

I was sitting inside my yellow truck (pictured), that was running at the time, while my friend went inside Costco to use the facilities.

The parking lot was almost empty at 10:30 a.m. when a women loading a white van came over and took a picture with her iPhone. Shortly after that a white headed old man walked by shaking his head.

My friend returned from the washroom within five minutes and we left immediately.  No handicapped people came near the scene to park.

I am not sure who reported what was happening, or if anyone did, but just looking at the picture is giving people the idea that something was wrong.

In reality these people are a bunch of busybodies that can’t mind their own business and it must be an awful slow day in the news media.

How’s that for news.

- Ronald Hudson


In an exclusive interview, the photographer tells Castanet the store was open and the vehicle was empty when the picture was taken.

As well, over 130 emails were sent to us condemning the act:


It doesn't surprise me in the least. There are so many people in this town that are only concerned with their lives and convenience. People are too busy talking on their cell phones to even get out of the way of emergency vehicles. Go figure.

- Brad Quarry

If your head is high enough in the clouds you might fail to see how the little people live down here. Remember, what goes up must come down.

- Tom Murphy

Are you kidding? This person should have taken the photo with the license plate number showing. Send it in and hopefully get a charge on this. This person must think they are the only person on the planet, his only concern is this persons vehicle.

- Norma Perkins

There are no words (permissible) to describe my disgust!

I would love to see this case go to court, just to hear their justification for their actions - and to hear from other people who depend on the availability of handicapped parking spaces for their daily activities.

At the least, I would like to see this person's vehicle confiscated, - with really significant time spent in community service to those who depend on the 'blue spaces.'

- Christina Johnson

I am angered that someone who has enough money to own a Hummer would park in a handicapped space or is it they believe that they are entitled?  It is, unfortunately, all too common to see able bodied individuals using handicapped spaces.

Same kind of people will leave their vehicle parked in the fire lane while they run in to the store to pick up a few things.  These guys seem to act as though the rules don't apply to them and if they get fines it is simply the cost of doing business.

The handicap in this case is between the ears.  Such blatant disregard should be met with confiscation of the vehicle.  Too bad that Costco does not take the hard line.

- Dan Midtdal

Wow! They should fine the owner of that vehicle. To bad they can't monitor the parking lot, having them only allowed to park at the parking spots farthest away, or better yet ban them from the Costco parking lot.

- Jenn Frost

Not surprised to see this, as many drivers believe any type of parking rules don't pertain to them. If it can't be policed then you can expect this to continue.

Drivers who park outside store doors waiting for their passengers to return should also be reminded that they must park in the lot like the rest of us.

Seems to me this problem is much the same as the HOV lane, not the brightest idea to begin with but with no one to enforce the lane, drivers use it to race to the bridge!

- Wendy Meek

That Hummer should be impounded for two weeks and the owner fined heavily. What arrogance!

- Cathy Kahn

I cant believe people think it's ok to park in a handicap space. No excuse is a good excuse..." It was only a few minutes" "my friend just went to use the bathroom" " there was barely anyone parked in the parking lot" " I was in the vehicle" . Last time I checked there is no time when it is ok to park in a handicap space. If there was barely any cars parked at Costco then there should have been plenty of spots available to park legally and wait for your friend. 

-Dustin Abernethy

We also had a note from another witness who says:

With respect to your article regarding the Hummer vehicle parked in a Costco handicapped parking space, I have to say that I also noticed this vehicle parked there when I first arrived but I will also say that as I left my vehicle and approached the Hummer so did another person from the rear end of the vehicle (so store entrance side) and the person climbed in the truck and the driver was already in the vehicle and immediately pulled away.

There were very few parking spaces taken on that side of the store.  The driver parked in a direction in which he could immediately see vehicles approach from either direction and could move the vehicle if needed.

-Marni Murray  

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