Smoke has nowhere to go

The smoke has nowhere to go.

With several large forest fires burning across the Okanagan, smoke has settled over Kelowna.

Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Dave Wray, says the smoke hanging around the Central Okanagan Sunday is simply stuck.

“The airflow is such that it is pulling the smoke to the valley and trapping it there. We are expecting this condition to remain into Monday, so the smoke could be around for another day or so,” says Wray.

He says by Tuesday, there is an expected break down of the ridge of high pressure, which could clear the smoke.

“However, with that breakdown there is a chance of thunder, with maybe just a little rain. The highs expected for Sunday and Monday are about 33 degrees and that's with a slight cloud cover.”

Wray says the temperature should cool down by the end of the work week with a forecast high in the high 20s for Thursday.

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