Province seeking seizure of Kelowna sex offender's property

Seizing sex offender's home

The province is looking to seize a Kelowna condo and a cabin at Mount Baldy Resort from a convicted child sex offender, claiming the residences were used to engage in sexual assaults.

Graham Dodge, 36, was arrested in March of this year for allegedly breaching his probation conditions and possessing child pornography. Dodge had previously been handed a four year, three month sentence for sexual interference of a person under 16 and possession of child pornography, stemming from a 2020 Kelowna RCMP investigation.

He's registered with the National Sex Offender Registry as a high-risk offender.

In a notice of civil claim filed earlier this week, B.C.'s Director of Civil Forfeiture is seeking the forfeiture of Dodge's apartment on Kelowna's Houghton Road, along with a cabin at Mount Baldy owned by Dodge's parents. While Dodge is the registered owner of the Houghton Road apartment, his parents currently hold a mortgage on the condo.

According to BC Assessment, the condo is assessed at $321,100 while the Mount Baldy cabin is assessed at $479,000.

B.C.'s civil forfeiture laws are more often used to seize property that has been obtained through the proceeds of crime, like cases where drug dealers have purchased homes and vehicles using profits from their illicit enterprises. In this recent case, the province claims Dodge “raped” and “sexually assaulted” youth at both residences, while supplying them with drugs, cannabis and/or alcohol.

“The Properties are instruments of unlawful activity because they were used, or are likely to be used, to engage in the Unlawful Activity,” the civil claim states.

The claim alleges the two properties are also “proceeds of unlawful activity because they were acquired, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the Unlawful Activity,” but it's not explicitly clear how Dodge's offending led to the purchase of the properties.

The claim says Dodge trafficked unspecified drugs and cannabis, while he failed to declare taxable income, which are likely the allegations related to the properties being proceeds of crime. But the claim doesn't provide details and he was never convicted of these allegations.

The claim also states the properties are “likely to be used” by Dodge to facilitate future crimes.

Dodge bought the Houghton Road condo in December 2019, while his parents bought the Mount Baldy cabin in December 1996. The claim states that Dodge's parents “knew or ought to have known” Dodge was using the two properties to commit crimes, or that they were “willfully blind.”

The recent civil filing provides additional details about Dodge's arrest at his Houghton Road apartment on March 15. The claim alleges Dodge had breached his probation conditions by “attending locations where youths frequent and attempting to photograph youths.” A subsequent search of his apartment uncovered “electronic equipment” in violation of his probation, according to the civil claim.

He's since been charged with three counts of breaching his probation and one count of possessing child pornography. He's remained behind bars since then and his next appearance is scheduled later this week.

More details were also disclosed in the filing about the 2020 Kelowna RCMP investigation into Dodge that resulted in the 2023 sexual interference and child pornography convictions. The Director of Civil Forfeiture claims the RCMP “obtained evidence” that Dodge “raped a youth or youths,” “sexually assaulted a youth or youths,” and “provided a youth or youths with drugs, cannabis, and/or alcohol.”

Dodge has a long history of sexual offending and breaching probation conditions, dating back to 2006.

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