Woman says thief took bikes from Kelowna garage, came back for camera equipment

Thief comes back for more

Cindy White

Kelowna RCMP is investigating a series of break-ins near the downtown core.

A resident of Martin Avenue says a thief stole two bicycles from her garage, then came back for more early Tuesday morning, using what appeared to be a stolen vehicle.

She says the same vehicle was also spotted casing homes in the Upper Mission.

“It sounds like this guy did a lot because he stole a Jeep and then came back to my garage to steal more. It sounds like the Jeep was recovered,” said the woman.

She shared surveillance footage of the incidents. It shows a man next to a grey Jeep, wearing a high-visibility jacket and shorts, walking down an alley with one of the stolen bikes. A video shows the same suspect loading the camera equipment into the back of the Jeep around 5:40 a.m. Tuesday.

The woman also shared a social media post warning people in the Upper Mission about what appears to be the same vehicle, with an Alberta license plate. The poster said the driver was a young man and it “was almost like he was looking for a house where nobody was home and no cars were parked.”

Kelowna RCMP did not confirm that the Jeep had been recovered, but said this is an active investigation and teams are following up with leads.

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