Habitat for Humanity lottery on pace for record jackpot this July

Lottery on record pace

If you're looking for a way to do something nice for others and yourself — look no further than the Habitat for Humanity 50/50 lottery.

Last December, Linda Farr took home the biggest jackpot in the lottery’s history, winning more than $33,000.

This year, the jackpot has blown way past that and is approaching the $50,000 mark as the draw date of July 2 nears.

“This is a feel-good lottery, because ticket buyers already know they are supporting local families in need of affordable housing and they have far greater odds to win thousands of dollars, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars if the lottery were to sell out, so there’s a whole lotto reasons to play our You Win, We Build 50/50 lottery," said Danielle Smith, director of Habitat for Humanity Okanagan.

Look for chances to buy your tickets at Okanagan summer events like the Peach City Beach Cruise in Penticton, and the Vernon Sunshine Festival. Tickets can also be bought online.

"When Habitat first launched their online 50/50 lottery in 2020, the jackpots tended to be around the $3,000 range each draw, but now, as Okanagan communities have become more aware of this local lottery, the last two cash prizes have hit over $30,000," says Smith.

Buyers can choose from three ticket packages available:

  • 5 tickets for $25
  • 20 tickets for $50
  • 100 tickets for $100

The winner will be notified by email and/or phone with instructions on how to claim the prize.

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