RDOS helping community clean-up events of illegal dumpsites throughout the region

Cleaning up illegal dumpsite

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen will be waiving tipping fees for community clean-up events of illegal dumpsites throughout the region with waste brought to RDOS landfills.

"Illegal dumping poses many health, safety, environmental, and economic threats such as increased risk of wildfire, contamination of water and soil, decline in property values, and injury to people around dump sites," the RDOS said in their news release.

The Okanagan Forest Task Force, a local non-profit organization made up of volunteers who remove garbage dumped in the backcountry, started a cleanup project at an illegal dump site located on Commercial Road in Okanagan Falls.

The site continues to have an unusually large problem area consisting of RVs, household garbage, burnt vehicles, metal, and other material.

“It’s impressive to see the work being done by volunteers to protect our natural environment,” Mark Pendergraft, RDOS Chair said. “These cleanup events are important reminders to everyone to respect the backcountry and dispose of garbage and other materials at local landfills.”

The Okanagan Forest Task Force has organized a cleanup day on Saturday.

According to the RDOS, the event is anticipated to result in the group reaching a milestone of 1,000,000 pounds or more than 453,000 kilograms of garbage and recyclable material removed from forests in the region.

"The RDOS is supporting this initiative by waiving all tipping fees at the Okanagan Falls and Campbell Mountain landfills for this cleanup event."

Some Okanagan Falls Landfill staff are volunteering to help with the cleanup.

Community groups interested in organizing a cleanup of illegal dump sites are asked to contact the RDOS Solid Waste department in advance to ensure proper procedures are followed.

The Regional District encourages and supports community cleanups, where possible by offering to waive tipping fees when taking the waste to RDOS landfills.

You can download the Illegal Dumping Tipping Fee Waiver form here and get more information on the RDOS website.

If you witness or are aware of a natural resource violation, including illegal dumping, contact the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line at 1-877-952-(RAPP) 7277, fill out a report online, or download the B.C. Wildlife Federation Conservation App.

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