Kelowna bluegrass band 'Under the Rocks' turning heads across North America

Under the Rocks at RCA

Madison Reeve

A local four-piece bluegrass band from Kelowna is turning heads across North America.

Under the Rocks started as a duo eight years ago and has since welcomed two other members.

You'll see your typical bluegrass instruments but enjoy a bit of a unique sound from the foursome.

"We like to define ourselves as hard to define, so we are a bluegrass band that plays straightforward bluegrass numbers inspired by traditional American bluegrass but also has tunes that are more singer-songwriter and very thoughtful," said band member Jordan Klassen.

Klassen plays the acoustic guitar, Chloe Davidson handles the fiddle, Chris Baxter is skilled in both the banjo and mandolin, and Nils Loewen plays the upright bass.

The group just released a new album titled Honest Try in February and will feature songs at their concert this Friday at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

Tickets are still available.

Under the Rocks is finishing up a successful tour across Western Canada and parts of the U.S. They are set to hit the road again in August.

The musicians say they are grateful for the success that has come along with doing what they love.

"When we get together and make music, we do it wholeheartedly and put our best on and make the songs sound how we want them to, and people seem to love it," said Baxter.

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