Vernon RCMP report fewer calls and offences in first quarter of 2024

Crime stats trend downward

For the first three months of the year, crime is down in Vernon as fewer offences and calls for service were reported by RCMP.

RCMP’s first-quarter report on crime in Greater Vernon noted there were 11 individuals who were “criminally active.” While some individuals persistently broke the law, overall crime has been down compared to last year.

The police saw fewer calls for service, fewer criminal code offences and fewer property offences in Vernon compared to the same time period last year, from January to March.

The total number of offences was down more than six per cent. Some of the most common crime codes were assault, theft under $5,000, and theft from a vehicle.

Translated to a daily basis, this quarter's drop in crime means Vernon saw roughly one fewer criminal code offence each day between January and March 2024, half a property offence and three less calls requesting police service.

It is the second consecutive time RCMP posted an improvement in crime in the first quarter. In 2023, crime was down about five per cent. Numbers this year keep the trend going.

There were some increases in police activities, however.

The RCMP reported that the total number of prisoners held in the Vernon cell block had increased by roughly nine per cent this January to March. Similarly, the number of mental health calls rose by roughly 17 per cent.

A drop in crime in RCMP's quarterly report does not necessarily translate to a reduction in crime long term. But it is a good start for the year, as RCMP push to lower crime over time.

RCMP in 2024 is coming off a year in 2023 where it posted an overall increase in criminal code offences and property offences at about two per cent.

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