Vernon's Jannine Kowalchuk and her dog Atzi are becoming dog show stars in Canada

Dog is best in Canada

She is not even three years old, but a Vernon purebred is already Canada's top dog.

Atzi is a xoloitzcuintli breed from Mexico and is a striking and elegant looking dog that is getting a lot of attention at some of the biggest dog shows in Canada.

Jannine Kowalchuk said Atzi already has 40 Best in Show and 29 Reserve Best in Show titles.

“She is currently the No. 1 dog of all breeds in Canada,” Kowalchuk said. “She also has titles in scent detection, barn hunt and trick dog.”

And Atzi will not reach her physical prime for another year or so, making her accomplishments the more impressive.

It takes more than just good looks to reach the pinnacle of dog competitions, it takes style, and Atzi has that in spades.

“She really enjoys showing and has that 'look at me' attitude in the show ring and she also closely resembles the breed standard,” Kowalchuk said, adding each breed has their own written standard that they are judged against.

“I have been involved with showing dogs for about 15 years, but she is my first 'xolo' that I have been showing,” Kowalchuk said. “Last year she was the No. 1 female of all breeds and the No. 2 dog all breed in Canada and she was just one year old so that is really amazing. She really enjoys showing and she really looks like she is having fun out there. You could have a dog that meets the standard really well but if it doesn't really enjoy being out there, you are not going to really catch their eye.”

She also won a best in show at an event in the United States.

“It's amazing for any dog, especially for the age she is at. She will probably reach her physical maturity at around four or five and probably look her best at around that age,” Kowalchuk said.

Kowalchuk didn't plan on campaigning Atzi at such a young age, but when she did the pup “kept on winning so we kept with it.”

Atzi has a show this weekend in Quebec and another one coming up in Ontario.

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