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Motocross racers from across B.C. heading to West Kelowna this weekend for Motocross Championship Series

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Madison Reeve

Motocross racers from across the province will be in West Kelowna this weekend to take part in a B.C. wide championship.

Saturday marks the third of an eight-race championship series across B.C. put on by Future West Moto.

The race will kick off around 9:30 a.m. at Kelowna Dirt Bike Club's home track on Bear Lake Main Road.

Club member Cam McQueen says this weekend's riders start at two years old and go right up to 60 plus.

He says the motocross community is family-friendly.

"The Okanagan Valley and West Kelowna specifically are just a huge hub for off-road motorsports: ATVs, motorcycles, adventure trucks, side by sides... the whole thing," McQueen said.

"We really want to get the whole community behind this. There has always been a bad stigma with motorcycles in general, dirt bikes and off-road bikes, that we are out here wrecking the environment and digging things up. If that is truly your opinion, I encourage you to come out," he said.

If you are interested in racing, spots are still available and registration is online.

Community members are also encouraged to come out and watch the fun.

"We are trying to get more local people to come up and bring their kids and hopefully we can grow the club," said Kelowna Dirt Bike vice president Magnus Scheibel.

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