Dog meet-ups hosted on Knox Mountain by developer

Developer gets creative

Madison Reeve

A development company is getting creative with their latest project, incorporating the community's love of dogs.

Meridian Developments, along with four-legged friends, will be setting up at the first lookout of Knox Mountain for the next three Saturdays.

The development company is promoting their under-construction condo complex, Eminence, at the base of Knox Mountain at 630 Boynton Place.

"We decided to put a hydration station out on the first lookout of Knox Mountain for a couple of Saturdays between April and May and really engage with the community and uplift some community partners," said organizer Kayla Etreni.

Paws it Forward has also teamed up with the company and will be on-site with adoptable puppies for people to meet.

Etreni says the initiative started last Saturday, and a number of people and their dogs attended.

Each Saturday, the meetup will take place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

"We have custom trail maps that people are able to take and use. We have walked all the trails ourselves and know they are extremely accurate, so people are able to explore places on Knox that they might not already know about," she said.

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