Vernon man plans to run the distance of a marathon every day for the month of May

A marathon a day in May

Many would agree that running a marathon is a huge feat — but for Oliver Stankiewicz, running a marathon will be just another day in May.

Stankiewicz has set a goal to run 42.2 kilometres, a marathon, every day for the 31 days in May. He’s doing the athletic feat to raise funds for Vernon Jubilee Hospital, where his mom was treated for uterine cancer.

Stankiewicz and his partner Marie Articus started the Movement Project in 2021 to give back to the hospital that supported his mom, Laura Stankiewicz.

"After my mom passed away in 2020, the very next year I put out a goal that I was going to run 100 kilometers on Mother's Day just to raise some money for the hospital that saw her through her last days of her life," Stankiewicz said.

The duo has raised over $150,000 for VJH and the McMurtry-Baerg Cancer Centre through trail running initiatives and events.

In 2024, Stankiewicz and Articus hope to raise enough funds to purchase new equipment and technology for VJH. The tech would help the accuracy and efficiency of breast cancer treatment and lumpectomy surgeries done at the hospital.

Stankiewicz’s goal of running marathon a day is to spread awareness about the project, which is looking for pledges from businesses and the community. The equipment costs about $150,000, and the duo hope to raise as much of the funding as they can in Laura's honour.

Stankiewicz said he chose to do the marathon a day in May because of Mothers Day, which takes place May 11.

Running has helped Stankiewicz grieve his mother. He says he wasn't an active runner prior to her death, but now he's gearing up to run about 1,300 km in a month. When asked if he's concerned about not achieving his marathon goal, he said, "of course."

"That's what makes it the challenge there, is obviously what makes it desirable for people to want to participate in and jump behind this," said Stankiewicz.

He's been training for the past few weeks — running 30 kilometres a day — and is now tapering off before his marathon month kicks off May 1.

More information about the project and making a donation can be found online here.

THE MOVEMENT PROJECT | PATH OF PURPOSE from Movement Films on Vimeo.

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