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Salmon Arm RCMP probe reports of teens rolling tires, rims toward Trans-Canada Highway

Teens play dangerous game

Salmon Arm RCMP said they are investigating after two separate incidents of teenagers rolling car tires with rims downhill toward Highway 1, one of which damaged a parked car.

Mounties said they are taking the incidents very seriously due to the fact that someone could have been injured or killed. A vehicle tire with a rim can weigh between 35 and 50 pounds, police said, and can cause serious damage to a vehicle or person.

Const. Andrew Hodges of the Salmon Arm RCMP said the first incident took place on April 4, in the 1400-block of the Trans Canada Highway.

“A group of four teens rolled a car tire and rim downhill towards a local hotel and the highway, striking and damaging a parked vehicle,” he said.

“There was a second similar incident reported on April 17, however the tire was stopped before hitting anything, or anyone.”

Hodge said Mounties are working with school district officials to identify the youths, who were captured on security cameras.

Mounties said they have already identified one of the teens and warn that taking part in such acts could lead to criminal charges.

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