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Summerland Seniors Village focuses on person-centred care to enrich living

Village puts seniors first

The new general manager at Summerland Seniors Village is passionate about focusing on the people who live there.

Nicole Klein has been in the GM role for only a couple of months, but she has immersed herself in the community to gain a firsthand understanding of what it is like to be a resident and make it a positive experience.

“Yes, it's a company, but this is about the seniors. This is about them,” Klein says. “This is where they’re choosing to live. It’s not our work. It’s their home, and how can we make it feel like home? That’s what we want to do.”

Klein is so dedicated to her making life better at Summerland Seniors Village that she has decided to live in the community while she looks for her permanent home in the area. She moved to the Okanagan from Vancouver Island, and she is living like the residents for a couple months to really understand the situation.

The Village truly is a hidden gem in the heart of Summerland that offers a full range of services, from rental retirement apartments offering meals and housekeeping to assisted living to long-term and complex care. There are private pay and funded options—the latter of which can be applied for through Interior Health.

The Summerland Seniors Village team focuses on person-centred care, which enables those in their golden years to thrive with dignity, comfort and a strong sense of community. The team members are also committed to fostering meaningful connections, promoting independence and ensuring the well being of every individual in our care.

It’s the little things that matter at Summerland Seniors Village. If one half of a couple is living in long-term care and the other is in independent living, arrangements are going to be made so they can eat together every day. When someone moves in, they receive a gift basket. The collection of goodies includes doggy treats, because the staff often brings in pets to brighten everyone’s day. Pets are also welcome to live there full-time.

“Person-centred care is looking at each individual’s needs,” Klein says. “Who you are as a person and how you grew up is not going to be the same story that I had. So it’s important for us to know your story as an individual and who you are and what your needs are so we can personalize your care pertaining to you—not just making it all institutionalized all across the board. It’s important that we know everybody as individuals.”

Klein may be new to the Village herself, but she says she is leading a team that is full of long-standing staff members who have been the backbone of the community and are part of the facility’s fabric.

“We have so many great people who work here,” Klein says. “Everyone’s talents combined make this a great place. Everybody’s passionate.”

Klein is inviting anyone and everyone who is thinking about seniors’ living to come by and have lunch at Summerland Seniors Village, where you will be able to see firsthand how delightful living there truly is.

More information about Summerland Seniors Village can be found on its website here.

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