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South Okanagan Deck•Railing•Glass comes to rescue after renovation gone wrong

Deck company saves day


The more Craig Konechny thought about it, the more he knew he had to do something.

And what he ended up doing is a great story about how there are still good people in this world willing to help out their community.

Konechny, the owner of South Okanagan Deck•Railing•Glass had just been called out to a Penticton mobile home by a contractor who got in over his head. The contractor had badly mishandled putting new vinyl on an elderly couple’s deck, and the wood railing he removed had been inadvertently destroyed and taken to the landfill.

“It was so poorly installed. I felt terrible for the homeowners the more they asked for my opinion on the install,” Konecnhy said. “The wood railing that they were supposed to recycle and reuse again had been wrecked when pulling off. They had already given this guy a bunch of money, and he was looking to get paid the rest as he was moving out of town that weekend. It was just kind of a crappy situation.”

Konechny surveyed the scene and then drove back to work, thinking about what he would quote the couple for the repair job. By the time he got back to the office, however, he had changed course. He called two of his trusted suppliers in Vancouver, Innovative Aluminum Railings and OnDek, and told them the story. All three companies agreed to fix the situation without charging the couple a dime.

Demonstrating true team spirit, South Okanagan Deck•Railing•Glass closed its doors for a day to focus all efforts on this special project. Seven dedicated staff members joined the initiative, meticulously dismantling the inadequate installation and replacing it with top-quality materials. Innovative Aluminum Railings and OnDek even drove out from Vancouver with the materials, helped for the day, ensuring the project’s success.

The outcome was a beautifully restored vinyl deck, aluminum glass and picket railings, and all new custom made in house, aluminum skirting at no cost to the homeowners, transforming a dire situation into a heartwarming example of community support.

The homeowners, which hosted a barbecue for the workers at the end of the day, tried to pay Konechny and his crew, but the trusted South Okanagan businessman wouldn’t have it. That didn’t stop the husband from dropping off $500 in Tim Hortons gift cards at the shop a few days later.

“They are just a sweet old couple in a mobile home park and unfortunately got in too deep with somebody that they thought they could trust,” Konechny says. “I’m not saying he did anything shady. He just bit off more than he could chew.”

The story is a testament to the values that drive South Okanagan Deck•Railing•Glass, whose other services include sunrooms, patio covers, glass showers, gutters and soffits, and windows, mirrors and glass. It highlights the company’s commitment to quality, community and the willingness to go above and beyond to right the wrongs, even when it is not responsible for them.

South Okanagan Deck•Railing•Glass continues to set the standard for excellence and community service, making it a pillar in the South Okanagan area and an inspiring example of what it means to truly care about your neighbours.

More information about South Okanagan Deck•Railing•Glass can be found on its website here.

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