Kelowna Fire Department holds traditional 'push-in' ceremony for new fire engine

New fire engine unveiled

The newest addition to Kelowna's fleet of fire trucks was unveiled at Station 7 Saturday morning.

The shiny new Fire Engine 7 was on display outside the Southeast Kelowna fire hall, just off McCulloch Road, and crews were on hand to perform the traditional “push-in” ceremony.

“This is tradition with all fire departments across North America ... when we get a brand new truck, before it actually goes into the hall, the crew will physically push it into the fire hall,” said KFD Deputy Chief Sandra Follack.

The tradition dates back to the 1800s.

“When they had the horses pulling the water wagons and they'd come back to the hall, the horses couldn't physically back the wagon back in," Follack said. "So they'd unhook the wagons and push the wagon in. So that's where the tradition started years ago and then they decided it was a good tradition to carry on.”

The new truck holds 1,000 gallons of water and it cost approximately $750,000.

Follack said one of the new features of the truck is a heating system to ensure the lines don't freeze when crews are working in the cold, winter months.

The old Engine 7 will stay with the Kelowna Fire Department, but it will be moving to a new fire hall.

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