Kamloops burglar done in by distinct tattoos on neck, face

Neck tattoo convicts burglar

A number of distinct tattoos, including one on his neck and another on his face, led to a conviction Friday for a man who had been accused of breaking into a Kamloops home and stealing a number of items.

Barry Jack stood trial last week in B.C. Supreme Court on one count of break and enter to commit an indictable offence.

A home in the 1200-block of Monashee Court in Lower Sahali was burgled on June 26, 2022. The intruder was caught on video surveillance, but the footage was blurry enough that his identity was not immediately clear.

The issue at trial was identity and the video was the only thing to go on.

“There is no forensic evidence such as fingerprints or DNA connecting Mr. Jack to the break and enter, none of the items taken from the residence were located in Mr. Jack’s possession and there is no evidence that Mr. Jack was wearing the same clothing worn by the person in the video,” B.C. Supreme Court Justice Dennis Hori said Friday in delivering his decision.

“The Crown has no evidence of any eyewitnesses to the break and enter, and the Crown has no recognition evidence by which a person can identify the person in the video as Mr. Jack.”

'That tattoo matches'

Jack was done in by his tattoos.

“The individual in the video does not display any features that would exclude Mr. Jack,” Hori said. “On the other hand, the individual in the video recordings displays a number of features that are unique to Mr. Jack.”

Hori then detailed a number of Jack’s tattoos, most notably a large piece on the left side of his neck.

“While the entire tattoo is not visible in the video, what is visible on the video of that tattoo matches the top portion of the tattoo on the left side of Mr. Jack’s neck, just below his ear, as shown in his booking photo,” he said.

“The number of unique features shown on the videos that are common with Mr. Jack establishes with almost certainty that the person in the videos is Mr. Jack."

Hori found Jack guilty as charged.

Lawyers will return to court on June 17 to set a date for sentencing. Jack remains in custody.

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