Small shop weekend underway in downtown Kelowna

Small shop weekend is here

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to do some local shopping as the Downtown Kelowna Association has set up three days of shopping opportunities that help support local businesses.

Small Shop Weekend by downtown Kelowna is on now, through to Sunday.

"We have all kinds of things going on, we have over 60 participating businesses," said Mark Burley, executive director of Downtown Kelowna Association.

It’s not just clothing stores and restaurants that will be taking part in shop local weekend, as there’s a variety of different business types participating.

“You could drop into Lake House because you are shopping for some furniture or some new cookware for the store and find out all about their cooking classes," said Burley.

"Then you scan the QR code and the shop to win contest and all you have to do is submit your receipt on our online portal at Downtown Kelowna and you could win a prize package worth over $500."

Overall, sales in downtown Kelowna have been down over the past number of years, so this event is an effort made by the Downtown Kelowna Association to drive business into its own backyard.

Burley lists a number of factors, including wildfires, the pandemic and more.

“It’s been an issue for the last four years between the pandemic, to the government to things being forced to be closed, we had physical distancing for a while... We came out of restrictions and back into them in 2021, so it’s been a tough go."

Free parking for the first two hours of the day this weekend will be available and you can head to the Downtown Kelowna Association website to browse all the stores taking part.

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