BOOGIE THE BRIDGE: Three columnists complete week seven of an eight-week journey to prepare for Boogie

Boogie training: week seven

Join columnists Max Patel, Dylana Kneeshaw and Kristen Holliday each Friday morning as they lace up their running shoes to take part in RUNClub training for Boogie the Bridge. Follow their progress as they prepare for the big event, which will kick off on Sunday, April 28 in downtown Kamloops.

Putting together a plan

Week seven proved to be a whirlwind of personal commitments for me, which unfortunately meant I couldn't join RUNClub for our scheduled session. However, I was determined to keep the momentum going, so I embarked on solo runs to stay on track.

After a challenging previous week, it felt like I was back at square one. Despite this setback, I took the time to reflect on my progress thus far and devised a plan to propel myself forward. Amidst this process, I had the privilege of connecting with Coach Rick Chapman, a colleague whose expertise in running is matched only by his kindness as a human being.

Rick patiently fielded all my running-related queries and together, we crafted a precise plan for moving forward. His guidance has been invaluable, providing me with a roadmap to navigate the remaining time before the race. I'm grateful for his support and confident that with his guidance, I can continue to make strides towards achieving my goals.

— Max Patel, advertising consultant, Pattison Media Kamloops

Focused on having fun

Sunday sealed the deal. Running a 10K is entirely possible, and it’s also possible to not feel like you were hit by a train afterwards!

Having a time or distance goal with running is a great way to maintain motivation, and work towards something. But for me, the bulk of this Boogie training period has been working towards making sure my body feels good, and giving my brain a stress-reducing avenue.

As a preview into what sort of route can be expected on Boogie day, Sunday morning was spent running along Overlanders Bridge, and down Schubert Drive. Remembering past years I’ve taken part in the event, I tried to picture what it would be like to run that route alongside hundreds of other people donning red t-shirts, and it reminded me why I signed up to do Boogie training in the first place — to have some fun.

It’s fun to explore different areas of the city and feel safe doing so because you’re running with a group of people. It’s fun to feel like you accomplished something with your day before 9 a.m. And it’s fun to make the most of whatever level of mobility or fitness you’re at, and throw in a challenge for a change of pace.

— Dylana Kneeshaw, reporter, CFJC TV

Setting race day goals

Sunday was a beautiful day. I ran a strong 12K with my RUNClub training group, and as we cruised back across Overlanders Bridge to end in Riverside Park, I felt proud of myself for the progress I’ve made over the past few weeks.

I jumped into training in a group setting — something new to me, which at the time, felt kind of scary. Now the support and camaraderie feels essential. Largely thanks to said group, I have stuck to some semblance of a training schedule despite hectic work hours, a victory unto itself.

Now I’m setting an event strategy and some goals for myself, practices which don’t come to naturally to me at all. But I’ve realized even some gentle goals are important in order to recognize improvement and celebrate it.

Here’s the plan. I’ll be running a 10K distance at Boogie, and I aim to hit a personal record — any time under one hour and four minutes. If I sneak under a 60 minute time, that will be a huge bonus. My other goal is to simply stick to a running strategy, which I’ve never done before. I’ll be alternating running and power walking in order to sustain a consistently quick pace over the full distance.

If none of these goals are realized, this will be good practice for my perfectionist self — to stay full of gratitude for what I’ve accomplished so far, even if race day doesn’t quite go according to plan.

— Kristen Holliday, regional editor, Castanet Kamloops

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