Rutland Secondary School drops Voodoos, students choose Thunder as new nickname

Rutland brings the Thunder

Rutland Secondary School sports teams will have a new name going forward.

After a student vote, the school dropped the Voodoos nickname and adopted the Rutland Thunder as their new team school nickname.

The official announcement was made over the public address system and followed by AC/DC's Thunderstruck.

"It came down to either Thunder or Wolverines for the final vote, and about 60 per cent of the school favoured Thunder," said RSS principal Hugh Alexander.

"'Rutland Thunder' has a ring to it, but the best part is seeing our students get together and rally behind the name as we know our community will at many events to come. We can hear the stomping in the bleachers already," Alexander says.

RSS students led the process of the latest name change for the school and will now go on to select a logo. Rutland will keep its familiar blue and gold colours and continue to focus on their identity as a diverse school at the heart of a proud community.

"It was really exciting for students to drive a change that will shape the identity of our school," said Katrina Graham, grad council vice-president and one of the students who made the announcement.

"Rutland is so much more than a mascot, but we are thrilled with the possibilities this opens up to reflect who we are and build a legacy."

One of Rutland Senior's science teachers shared some facts with students and colleagues that summarize why the name is perfect for the school.

"Thunder is the result of lightning superheating air molecules, causing them to rapidly move apart and then, as the molecules cool and come back together, it causes a shockwave," says Teresa Jackson.

"Thunder is literally the sound of particles, or in this case, people, coming together - and the more you try to separate us, the louder and more powerful we become. So yeah, let's go Thunder!"

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