City of Kelowna doing spring cleaning at tent city along rail trail

Spring cleanup at tent city

Cindy White

Now that the weather has warmed up, the City of Kelowna is doing spring cleaning in tent city, along the rail trail.

“We’re here to clean and sort of prep the sites coming out of winter and help the individuals pare down what they can, and really just making sure the site is safe and clean and operational for everyone as we move into the spring,” explained Bylaw Services supervisor Nick Bonnett.

“People have collected some things and in some cases they don’t want it anymore, so excavators are here to move heavy material.”

During the work, a section of the rail trail between Richter Street and Gordon Drive will be closed to the public. Cyclists and pedestrians are advised to use Clement Avenue as an alternate route.

“We know it is a little disruptive,” adds Bonnett. “We do our best to be compassionate and sensitive to everyone’s situation, and overall it’s been positive.

“There’s always going to be some individuals who are less pleased with something like this, but ultimately, like I said, it’s for the health and safety of the individuals that are here.”

The routine spring maintenance is expected to wrap up by April 25. The City of Kelowna also conducts regular monthly clean-ups at the designated outdoor sheltering site.

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