Kelowna continuing flood protection along Mill and Mission creeks this year

$7M in flood protection

The City of Kelowna plans to spend upwards of $7 million in flood protection and habitat restoration projects this year.

Part of that is a continuation of the multi-year Mill Creek Flood Protection Project designed to reduce the potential for flooding from the airport down to Okanagan Lake.

That project is partially funded through a $22 million grant provided by the federal government.

The city will also be doing habitat restoration work in Mission Creek.

"These projects help build sustainability by addressing issues before they escalate," says utility planning manager Rod MacLean.

"This pro-active approach help prevent costly repairs and environmental damage safeguarding Kelowna's natural environment."

Work along Mill Creek will improve creek capacity by rehabilitating the banks, improving riparian and fish passage and reducing debris accumulation.

Projects scheduled this year include:

  • Final touches on the Mill Creek Diversion and re-establishment of the Rail Trail.
  • Mill Creek at the Burne Ave. site: Enhanced flood protection, restoration activities including tree planting, and creek/habitat improvements.
  • Riffles on Mission Creek: The addition of riffles to improve floodplain connectivity and fish habitat.
  • Removal of two aging pedestrian bridges on Mill Creek: The bridges are safety hazards and collect debris which presents a flood risk. Upon removal, the area will be naturalized.

Work to upgrade the south ridge storm pond will also begin this year.

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