Classical Valley International Chamber Music Festival coming to Kelowna in May

A classical musical festival

The Classical Valley International Chamber Music Festival is back for its third season, this time with a series of concerts in the Kelowna region.

The festival is expanding by featuring unconventional forms of chamber music, spearheaded by its co-artistic director Nicholas Denton Protsack, an acclaimed composer-cellist originally from Kelowna.

"Growing up in the Okanagan, I always longed for firsthand experiences of new, groundbreaking music from around the world, but such experiences were often few and far between. That’s why it’s incredibly gratifying and humbling to now be bringing such exceptional and innovative musical talents to the Valley from the farthest corners of the globe," says Protsack.

The concerts will showcase the talents of guest artists Briar Prastiti and Elliot Vaughan from New Zealand.

Prastitiis is a distinguished New Zealand/Greek composer and multifaceted vocal performer known for her work in film, orchestra, theatre music, songwriting, producing, and her complex and culturally diverse vocal palette. Prastitiis is performing under her stage name, Twinn Ethyr, and is expected to bring a new collection of delicate and haunting songs, set to be released in late 2024.

Vaughan is a violist, composer, and multimedia artist, renowned in New Zealand for exploratory compositions that often blend music with elements of theatre. He is also a notably prolific, eclectic, and indispensable collaborator in the New Zealand music community.

Concerts are taking place across the Central Okanagan on May 11 to 19.

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