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Kelowna Cheese and Meat Festival seeks more cheese and meat vendors

Promote your cheese, meat

Calling all cheese and meat producers!

The second annual Kelowna Cheese and Meat Festival is taking place on Saturday, May 25, at Laurel Packinghouse, and it is nearly sold out. That means it is a great opportunity for cheese and meat creators to get their products seen by the masses.

“This really plays into the hands of the vendors, because we have a clientele that is super interested in the products and want to learn more,” festival director David Bain says. “They get the ability not only to sell their products for the festival, but also to sample them and actually build brand loyalty.”

The exclusive boutique event will showcase an impressive selection of artisan cheeses, top-quality cured meats and fine accompaniments, elevating everyone’s culinary experience.

Bain says the event’s goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and specialty food producers, offering a unique opportunity to sample and buy high-quality products directly.

“This is exactly why we created the Cheese and Meat Festival,” he says. “We wanted to alleviate the pains of walking into a grocery store and going to a specialty food or cheese section and not knowing what to buy.”

Vendors who sign up to take part in the Kelowna Cheese and Meat Festival will also enjoy exposure that goes far beyond the Okanagan. That’s because Bain oversees cheese and meat festivals in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and Portland as well.

“When you get connected to that, it gets you the ability to get into other stores and build your brand loyalty out that way as well,” Bain says.

The festival is not just about indulging in delicious food; they’re holistic events that celebrate culture, craftsmanship and community, making them ideal gatherings for those looking to enjoy good food and good company in a dynamic and engaging setting.

The festival’s picturesque setting at the Laurel Packinghouse, with both indoor and outdoor areas, promises a perfect day of exploration and enjoyment.

Do not let pass this opportunity to dive into gourmet excellence and find new favourites. Nor should you let the festival come and go without your cheese or meat business being involved.

Potential vendors can email Bain at [email protected], while the few remaining tickets can be purchased on the festival’s website here.

The Kelowna Cheese and Meat Festival has teamed up with Castanet on a contest where one lucky winner will receive two VIP tickets to the event. The contest is free to enter here.

This article is written by or on behalf of the sponsoring client and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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