BOOGIE THE BRIDGE: Three columnists complete week six of an eight-week journey to prepare for Boogie

Boogie training: week six

Join columnists Max Patel, Dylana Kneeshaw and Kristen Holliday each Friday morning over the next two weeks as they lace up their running shoes to take part in RUNClub training for Boogie the Bridge. Follow their progress as they prepare for the big event, which will kick off on Sunday, April 28 in downtown Kamloops.

A learning experience

Week six brought with it a significant learning experience for me, one that I believe will stay with me for life. As I shared in my last blog post, I was brimming with inspiration and eager to work on improving my timing for the upcoming race. However, reality had other plans.

We kicked off our run along Rivers Trail by the Kamloops Airport, and initially, I felt strong and in sync with my group. However, when we hit the 5K mark, my mindset took a sudden nosedive. I found myself grappling with intrusive thoughts, and for some inexplicable reason, I just didn't feel like continuing with the group. So, I made the decision to turn around and complete a 10K run at my own pace, adhering to my predetermined timing.

Little did I anticipate the challenges that awaited me once I was alone on the return journey. Struggling to maintain a consistent pace, I found myself alternating between walking, jogging, and occasional bursts of running. By the time I reached the starting point, I was feeling physically and mentally drained. In that moment, negative thoughts crept in, making me question my ability to keep up with the Bold group or even vocalize my goal of completing the 10K in under 60 minutes.

However, amid self-doubt, I recalled the wise words of Jo Berry: "Some days, you will have no motivation to run or be active — and that's okay." Accepting I had just experienced a setback helped me regain a sense of positivity and resilience. I reminded myself tomorrow is a new day, filled with fresh opportunities to improve and grow.

I remain steadfast in my determination to achieve my goal of completing the 10K in under 60 minutes, and I firmly believe in my capabilities. Two weekends from now, I will put myself to the test, and time will be the ultimate judge. Regardless of the outcome, I'm committed to embracing the journey and continuing to strive for progress.

— Max Patel, advertising consultant, Pattison Media Kamloops

Committing to the training

For week six of training for Boogie the Bridge, Sunday’s 9K jaunt was a great preview into how I imagine I’ll feel on the day of the event. My cardio feels like ready for a 10K run, legs were feeling strong, and I’ve figured out what amount of water is needed to maintain some semblance of hydration.

One of the biggest benefits of signing up for Boogie training is the boost of accountability I needed to get prepared and keep up with regular runs. I’m a mom, a wife, and I’ve got a full time job, so trying to maintain friendships and hobbies is difficult at times. But having this level of activity in my calendar has been working out well. Yes, it’s a commitment but I don’t feel like I’m letting anybody down if I’m unable to make it out to a session. Everyone just seems glad to be there, and glad to see you when you are there.

Which is likely why I’ve been able to stick with it. Of course I haven’t been able to make it out for every single group training session, but I’ve been able to make it for at least one group run per week and fit in two solo runs throughout the rest of the week. At this busy stage of life, that’s an accomplishment in itself.

As the Run Clubbers say, the hardest part of RunClub is getting there.

— Dylana Kneeshaw, reporter, CFJC TV

Running in the rain

One of the benefits of consistently getting outside to train over the past few weeks, aside from the exercise, is watching the city slowly transition from winter to spring.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine and not notice the leaves starting to emerge on the trees, the smell of neighbourhood barbecues firing up in the evening, and the increasing warmth of the sun.

This week, the theme seemed to be running in the rain. I started running near the airport, choosing to ignore the wall of dark clouds ahead and raindrops here and there. Minutes later, I turned around and high-tailed it back to the car as wind gusts started pelting hail at my face — ultimately recording my personal best time for a one-kilometre stretch.

A couple days later, I finished a strong 10K run, enjoying refreshing spring showers while taking deep breaths of that incredible rain-on-pavement smell.

It’s hard to believe six weeks have passed since RUNClub started — only two more training Sundays to go. I’m really going to miss Boogie training, but there will be continued opportunities to run with the group I’ve met. I’m already looking forward to what’s next, eying up longer distance events to train for in Kamloops and in other cities.

But first things first — a couple more weeks of focused training, then Boogie the Bridge.

— Kristen Holliday, regional editor, Castanet Kamloops

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