Puppy brought to BC SPCA with stomach full of rocks

Pup with belly full of rocks

A puppy, now named Pebbles by the BC SPCA, was near death after she was discovered completely malnourished with a stomach full of rocks.

Over $5,000 has been raised for the puppy. Medical care for Pebbles is expected to cost $1,650.

According to the BC SPCA, when Pebbles arrived at the vet, the team discovered a concerning issue. X-rays revealed a belly full of rocks.

"Being the runt of her litter, poor Pebbles constantly lost the battle for her share of food, leading to malnourishment. Desperate for sustenance, Pebbles must have resorted to eating anything she could find, including rocks," the BC SPCA said online.

For several days, Pebbles was kept under close watch in the ICU. Further x-rays revealed that the rocks were making their way through her digestive tract naturally.

Pebbles, a four-month-old pup, has now moved into a foster home, where she receives frequent small meals to help her digestion.

It's unknown exactly where Pebbles came from.

She will likely be posted for adoption once she's completely back to health and has been spayed.

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