Upset by MP's mailer

I recently received a campaign mailer from my local MP, Dan Albas.

It contained blistering attacks on the current federal government, including the usual Conservative (position) about carbon pricing, as well as a selection of the “meaningless” slogans they repeat endlessly. There were no ideas about what they’d do differently.

I think most of us have gotten used to this constant campaigning from the Conservatives, since their new leader, Pierre Poilievre, took over.

I see a real problem in the way this is communicated. The mailer from Albas was paid for out of his MP budget. In other words, taxpayers, paid for it. I don’t know if that is an illegal use of taxpayer dollars. If it isn’t, it should be. It’s certainly unethical and inappropriate.

If the Conservatives want to do nothing but campaign, rather than doing their duty as MPs, they should do it on their own dime.

Keep taxpayer money for providing services for Canadians.

Richard Gaylard, West Kelowna

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