Price of gas drops in Vernon, remains high throughout Okanagan

Some gas prices falling

Gas across Vernon has dropped about 10-cents-a-litre after being hiked last week.

According to gasbuddy.com, prices at the pump range from 156.9 to 158.9 throughout the city.

A reprieve from the 167.9 fuel price from last week.

But the prices haven’t dropped back to where they were at the start of February when fuel was 143.9.

Most gas stations in Kelowna remain high, with some still sitting at 165.9. Only Costco appears to have dropped to 159.9.

Kamloops and Penticton are still paying top dollar for gas with pumps charging between 164.9 and 167.9. The only exception is the Costco in Kamloops, which dropped to 161.9.

Salmon Arm is seeing a 12 cent-a-litre difference with fuel costs ranging from 155.9 to 167.9.

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