That bites, RDNO mosquito control bylaw fails a second time

No bite on mosquito control

Preliminary results of the Enderby area's mosquito control referendum are in and it appears residents aren’t biting.

The preliminary voting results show the majority of residents in Electoral Area F voted no for Regional District of North Okanagan to adopt a mosquito control service establishment bylaw. Out of 1,345 total valid votes cast 1,231 voted no and only 114 votes were for the control.

The failed bylaw would have established a "service within the boundary of Electoral Area F to control mosquito larval habitats within specific areas of the Shuswap River floodplain to prevent the spread of mosquitos.”

The service would have resulted in an annual requisition not to exceed $289,000 or $0.17 per $1,000 or net taxable value of land and improvements, whichever is greater.

It’s the second attempt by the RDNO to get the proposal through. Originally it sought the alternate approval process which requires 10 per cent of eligible voters ro submit forms in opposition to the proposal. In this case, 1,187 electors were opposed, or 30.7 per cent.

The failed AAP left the RDNO with the choice of abandoning the project, or sending it to referendum. Now, the referendum has also failed to establish the mosquito control.

According to a press release from the RDNO the preliminary results are based on the ballot accounts prepared at voting places and are subject to determination of the official assent voting results by the Chief Election Officer.

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