Sexual assault trial of Vernon doctor has been extended, will also be in court on additional charges next week

Doctor trial extended

The trial of a Vernon doctor facing a sexual assault charge has been extended.

The trial of Dr. Peter Inkpen started Monday in Vernon provincial court and was supposed to wrap up Friday, but Damienne Darby, Communications Counsel with the BC Prosecution Service, said Justice Jeremy Guild “made a ruling today on an application” and the matter will be back in court March 4 to schedule a continuation of the trial.

A second trial on an additional sexual assault charge was planned to start Monday, but on Thursday Feb. 29, Inkpen entered a surprise guilty plea.

The alleged assault for which Inkpen is currently on trial took place between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018.

A publication ban prohibits identifying the victim whom Castanet will refer to as AB, not her real initials.

In his summary the allegations for the matter at trial Justice Guild wrote: “Dr. Inkpen had been treating AB for migraines. He asked her to participate in a study relating to the use of ultrasound. For the purposes of the application, there is no dispute that AB went to see Dr. Inkpen on December 1, 2018, outside of the usual workday, for the purpose of participating in the ultrasound study. However, she had a migraine and sought treatment at that time, which was provided. Dr. Inkpen then proceeded with using ultrasound for the purposes of the study, ostensibly with AB’s consent. The allegation is that during the course of that ultrasound study session, Dr. Inkpen inappropriately used the ultrasound device, and that use was a sexual assault.”

When Inkpen was initially charged in July 2022, RCMP said they “believe there may be other individuals with information about these incidents.”

In January 2024, four more charges of sexual assault were filed against Inkpen, over and above the one he pleaded guilty to and the one he is on trial for.

Inkpen will be in court March 6 in relation to the new charges.

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