Prince George RCMP urges caution to those with short-term rentals

Gangs using Airbnb: cops

Prince George RCMP are warning people with short-term rentals to be cautious when accepting clients as the legislation around short-term rentals in B.C. changes this spring.

“We have had instances over the last six to eight months where landlords with short term rentals have found their clients to be involved in criminal gang activity,” Cpl. Jennifer Cooper, Media Relations Officer for the Prince George RCMP, said.

“It becomes difficult for the landlord to evict these types of clients off the property once they are already in the home and either stay past their contract date or are found to be in violation of the rental terms. The resolution usually requires police involvement at that point.”

Some things to keep in mind when accepting a short-term rental agreement are:

  • Does the person have history with the online platform you are using? If so, is it positive?

  • Try doing an internet search of the name they have provided, including Court Services Online.

  • Do not accept large sums of cash in payment for the short-term rental contract.

  • Be wary of people wanting to pay for one or more months up front, even more so if they offer to pay in cash.


More information on B.C.’s upcoming short-term rental accommodations legislation can be found at B.C.'s short-term rental accommodations legislation - Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca).

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