Ryan Gosling 'doesn't relish' fame: 'It's just part of the job...'

Gosling 'doesn't relish' fame

Ryan Gosling "doesn't relish" worldwide attention.

The 43-year-old actor - who has Esmeralda, nine, and seven-year-old Amada with partner Eva Mendes -has been active on the Hollywood scene since he was a teenager and has been nominated for an Oscar for his role as Ken in last year's summer smash 'Barbie' alongside Margot Robbie but an insider has claimed that he is not interested in being the "star of the show" at all times.

A source told UsWeekly: "The movie’s success is a dream come true for Ryan and being nominated for an Academy Award is obviously a massive honor. Ryan doesn’t relish attention. It’s part of the job for him, but he much prefers letting others shine. He doesn’t need to be the star of the show. Parading around the Hollywood scene has never been Ryan’s thing."

Another insider explained to the outlet that the 'La La Land' star would rather be at home with his family than spending time in front of the camera and often takes a lot of time away from work so thar he can recharge in time for his next stint.

The source added: "Spending time with Eva and the kids was obviously the top priority, but he also needed a break. Ryan tends to work in big spurts, then takes time off so he can come back to the next challenge with a full tank."

Ryan and Eva are also said to be keen on raising their kids out of the spotlight as they navigate through everyday "challenges" of parenthood together.

The source said: "They are trying to keep their daughters’ lives as normal as possible and don’t want them growing up in Hollywood. Like any couple, they have some challenges to navigate but they work through these things fairly seamlessly."

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