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Tesla charger vandalized in Osoyoos, local suspects anti-EV anger

Tesla hookup vandalized

A South Okanagan woman was disappointed to see apparent vandalism to a Tesla electric vehicle supercharging station in Osoyoos this week.

Jasmine King, an Oliver resident, was running errands in Osoyoos Monday when she stopped for a charge at the station on 74th avenue. She normally charges at home, but noticed she was running low.

"When I went to plug in I noticed this weird white foam, I'm assuming it's insulation foam, someone put all over the connection unit, rendering it unusable," King said.

"It was only one unit thank goodness but definitely disrespectful."

King said this is far from the first time she has seen vandalism against EV charging stations, and said she does not understand the vehement hatred some people seem to have towards EVs.

"I’ve seen some cords completely cut. So this wasn’t terrible but it’ll probably have to be replaced because I don't know how easy that is to clean out. But I let Tesla know," King said.

"It's literally so wild."

Tesla operates supercharger stations in Penticton and Osoyoos, as well as multiple slower chargers throughout South Okanagan communities.

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