Revelstoke Search and Rescue responded to three false alarms in the last month because of an iPhone feature

iPhones causing false alarms

False alarms have been keeping Revelstoke Search and Rescue busy.

“In the last month, RevSar has been tasked for three iPhone Crash Detection calls that have been accidental activations,” said a post on their Facebook page.

“In all three cases, the subjects were either unaware of this feature on their iPhone, or the phone was stored in a location that they did not hear the count down alarms going off prior to the activation being completed.”

The post goes on to say there is a difference between a “fall detection” activation and a “crash detection” activation.

The crash detection is sensing a sudden deceleration as would occur in an motor-vehicle incident and is often triggered by snowmobiles that are riding fast then stop quickly while still in control.

RevSar is encouraging people to turn the feature off.

For more information about the feature, and how to turn it off, click here.

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