Sheryl Crow bemoans the rise of AI technology

Sheryl Crow bemoans AI

Sheryl Crow fears the ever-increasing influence of AI technology in the music industry.

The 62-year-old singer is preparing to release her new album, 'Evolution', in March, after previously suggesting that she wouldn't make another record - but Sheryl was spurred into action by the rise of AI technology.

The award-winning star - who has two adopted sons called Wyatt and Levi - told the Guardian newspaper: "I’m raising two teenage boys who ask a lot of hard questions, and after we started talking about AI I found myself writing a lot in the mornings after they go to school. I wound up with seven songs that were halfway between a diary and venting.

"I called my producer friend Mike Elizondo and said, 'I have these songs. I don’t want to produce myself. Can I send them?' He was blown away and excited, so we wrote two more and then we had an album."

Sheryl suggested that her new album is a direct response to AI technology.

The 'Strong Enough' hitmaker actually described AI-influenced music as an "assault on [her] spirit".

Reflecting on her new record, Sheryl said: "It’s my response to what’s happening in my country, in my little world, and I guess in humanity at large.

"In Mike’s studio this young songwriter said she couldn’t get any traction from male singers unless she had a guy singing on the demo, so she paid $5 to have John Mayer’s voice singing on it, using AI. When she played it for us I almost started crying. It was so real, it felt like an assault on my spirit. We have to protect ourselves."

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